not to judge the cookies by its…icing?


The theme for this very small batch of sugar cookies was “Some of Her Favorite Things” for a friends birthday this weekend. I will say it is the least time and attention I have given the cookies and it totally bummed me out. If I’m going to take the time to make sugar cookies shouldn’t each one be given the attention to details it deserves? Yes, I’m talking about food ha ha. Be that as it may, I did like the color palette of these. And those “hairy” things in the middle? Those are supposed to be her little Yorkshire Terriers 😬 Oh well, they still taste great. Happy birthday to my friend! 

it’s a party, a cookie party

Sugar cookies are taking over and I don’t mind one bit!

Lately I have been filling my evenings with binge watching Netflix shows (Friends and Gilmore Girls, what more could I need) and more importantly making dozens upon dozens of sugar cookies. Baby shower, work parties and even a movie premier are the inspiration behind these 4 pictured above. It has been a lot of fun and most definitely a new found hobby. I love offering cookies as gifts, who doesn’t love cookies?

I bought the sugar cookie tutorial from the incredible and wonderfully hilarious Alison Faulkner over at The Alison Show 

If you wanna be an amateur cookie artist like myself, I highly suggest heading over to her cookie party and buying the super entertaining and helpful course HERE. 4 months ago I couldn’t even consider using royal icing, and now it’s my favorite.