And The Mom Of the Year Award Goes To…


Remember doing yarn dolls in school, or with your grandma as a kid? I can’t be the only one who thought these were easy and fun right? Well with that mentality I decided to introduce this craft to my daughter. She is 5. She is always wanting to do art projects and do anything that requires scissors or glue, so I thought this would be fun.

After doing all the work myself (she wasn’t about to wrap the yarn around a book 100 times). She said, and I quote “Let’s pretend I can’t count that high and you do it ok?” See the smarts I have to deal with? The result was what I expected…

…her reaction, WAS NOT! She hated it, she found it creepy and weird. She didn’t want to hold it for the pictures and then began to criticize all the things wrong with it and telling me what needed to be added to it before she would even consider keeping it.

So much for that. #momfail


it’s a party, a cookie party

Sugar cookies are taking over and I don’t mind one bit!

Lately I have been filling my evenings with binge watching Netflix shows (Friends and Gilmore Girls, what more could I need) and more importantly making dozens upon dozens of sugar cookies. Baby shower, work parties and even a movie premier are the inspiration behind these 4 pictured above. It has been a lot of fun and most definitely a new found hobby. I love offering cookies as gifts, who doesn’t love cookies?

I bought the sugar cookie tutorial from the incredible and wonderfully hilarious Alison Faulkner over at The Alison Show 

If you wanna be an amateur cookie artist like myself, I highly suggest heading over to her cookie party and buying the super entertaining and helpful course HERE. 4 months ago I couldn’t even consider using royal icing, and now it’s my favorite.

DIY kitchen table makeover

This Saturday on a whim I decided to redo our kitchen table. With our new living space (think VERY small) we don’t have a ton of space for a table so we have been using this tiny one that we had in our garage in our previous home. I forgot to get a before picture but just trust me, it was nothing to brag about. It was an ugly brown laminate type wood grain.


   These are the supplies I used. The best part about it was, I didn’t have to buy anything for this project. Yes, I could have used a better sealer, and eventually I will, but for now this Polyurethane will work with a few coats.


I sprayed it all a glossy white with 2 coats. Originally I was going to just keep it like this, but that’s boring and I don’t do boring, unless you look at my wardrobe, that needs a major upgrade.


I taped off the table to add a little something something. I decided on this pattern because it was simple and didn’t need any measuring. I’m telling you, even the laziest of lazy people could pull this project off in no time (and I am as lazy as they come).


Paint as many coats as you feel you need! For my table I used Americana brand acrylic paint in the beautiful color Mulberry (3 coats). I am just trying to be trendy and go with the Pantone color of the year 2015 (which is Marsala FYI).


cool right?


Then I found gold spray paint. GOLD PEOPLE! I had to use it. I taped it off and sprayed the leafs. Or is it leaves? I think it’s leafs.


Seal it with your sealer of choice. You can use any kind of wax, polyurethane or whatever you fancy. I used a matte poly, but like I mentioned before I used what I had. Next time I will make sure to use a glossy top coat, like painting your nails, nice and shiny. Who doesn’t love shiny things?


Let it dry completely, bring it inside, and VOILA! Enjoy. If you end up trying it, let me know in the comments below!


What do you think? Too non-traditional? What style have you brought into your home?

thanks for humoring me by reading this post!