Lucky 7


This low quality photo was taken in an airport a couple months ago. But I love it. I think my husband just looks so cute in it. Today is our wedding anniversary. We are celebrating 7 years of marriage and it’s only getting better for us. He is my biggest support and I’m his biggest fan. We are best friends and that’s what every marriage should have. I’m the luckiest. 


Today is also Mother’s Day! I feel so beyond blessed to call these kids mine. They spoiled me with compliments and card and kisses and they have been doing the sweetest things all day. This weekend I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with love and content. I have a pretty wonderful life. 

Stopping to smell the roses… er manure¬†

Things have been really busy lately. My husband is out of town on business for a week and I’ve been trying to be a nice and patient mom ūüėČ Before my husband left he told our son he was the man of the house. Unfortunately for me, he took that as “you’re the boss and don’t have to listen to mom” it’s been fun arguing with a 3 year old about who can tell who what to do. 

I have a lot to clean and many errands to run in the next couple days but I said TO HELL WITH IT, not to my kids of course, because that would be bad, right?! And we decided to go on an adventure instead!


I was told about the Tilden Regional Park just last night and knew my kids would love it. There is so much to do here, hiking, fishing, camping etc but I wanted them to see the Little Farm. You bring your own celery and lettuce and the admission is free. Feed all the animals all you want, what more could a kid want? Well my son wanted to ride the sheep, but he’s always just trying to find ways to take things one step further. 


Cute map of all the animals, a butterfly garden, and even an educational center. 


This cow was such a pig. He kept hogging all the food from all the other cows. Did you get my joke? 


He’s usually pretty brave, this gave him a run for his money.

These goats were pretty aggressive but my daughter loved feeding them the most. I just loved all their pretty coats. Okay that was not supposed to rhyme. 


Some other animals on the farm were pigs, geese, chickens, and rabbits.  


This girl was just born a couple months ago. Isn’t she the cutest? 

 This cow was so sweet with the kids. They loved getting to pet the animals and be so hands on. 


Here’s a dreamy moment for you. While we were sitting in the butterfly garden enjoying our picnic, two deer came walking up the creek (hard to see the water in this photo). They were enjoying a drink, got curious and started walking towards us, they got spooked and ran right past us. We were in awe. They were beautiful and totally in their natural habitat. Magic!


Something I learned today was that I really need to stop and take time for the the “moments” I can create with my family. I could have missed out on such a special day if I didn’t listen to my gut. So grateful for my babes. They force me to stop and smell the roses, quite literally, and I couldn’t be happier. 

family makes my heart go BOOM

I had some of my family in town for over a week! It was exhausting but so fun! They stayed with us in our 798 sq ft apartment. We miss them already but we’re a little excited to be sleeping in our own bed.¬†

Oakland Zoo


Mothers and daughters seeing the new Cinderella. Highly recommend its genuine and beautifully done.

¬†Marianne’s Ice Cream in Santa Cruz (try all the flavors you want, but get the 10/20, it’s life changing).

¬†Did you know that the Redwoods is a nickname for the Sequoia tree? Oh that’s common knowledge? Well, I learned something that day we went to the Muirwoods. It was such a peaceful place.

Santa Cruz- Twin Lakes State Beach and Walton Lighthouse

¬†I hope they come again soon! There is so much to explore and not enough time or energy (and let’s be honest, money) to do it all in one trip.

a morning by the bay

We decided last minute Saturday morning to drive into San Francisco to do a little early birthday celebrating. It’s my birthday. I make everyone celebrate for at least a week. I may be just a little selfish.¬†

For breakfast we went to the wonderfully delicious restaurant The Grove in the financial district. It was my first time and it was the relaxed and urban vibe I love. My husband got major brownie points for knowing that. I ordered eggs benedict for the first time and I am a major fan. That Hollandaise sauce is still dancing in my dreams.

I highly recommend trying out this spot. And fortunately they have multiple locations around the city.

After walking around and enjoying the sites and beautiful weather we decided to venture over to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse (yeah I know, I know, we did just eat a huge breakfast). It is worth the hype!  Just make sure if you go-get there early for the best selection.

Until next time EssEff.

Here is to turning 27

a morning at the market

One of my absolute favorite things about making this move to the East Bay Area is the cute and laid back vibe of Downtown. In fact, the whole town is wonderfully¬†mellow and pleasant ūüėČ

It definitely adds a little excitement that we have a potential american idol 2015 contestant living here and she still performs on the weekends at the farmers market. She is adorable.

We have delicious local fruits and vegetables and exotic cheeses and fresh seafood available every week. Not to mention delicious smelling baked goods and kettle corn. Mmmmmm yum!






IMG_8881 IMG_8883

We love getting an ice cream cone as we walk around taking in all the new tourists and wonderful sounds of smooth jazz and acoustic performances at either end of the street. The fresh cut flowers tease me every week with beautiful vibrant colors and unique mixed bouquets. I usually end up bringing home one or two bunches. I mean, why not?



I am so blessed.