with added flavors





First you’ll wanna make sure you have some frozen bananas on hand. You will then take anywhere from 18-24 half-inch slices of frozen bananas (the amount of bananas you use will depend on the size of bananas you start with) and blend in a food processor. Now, I had to use the only food processor I had on hand, which is a mini one that we got 7 years ago as a wedding present. I believe it holds 1.5 cups. Which, in fact, works perfect for 2 servings. I have to share with my husband after all 🙂

After slightly blending (about 20-30 seconds) add your extra ingredients.

Tonight I made two variations:

The first mix was banana and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. I could have made it a lot less fattening by using PB2 or almond butter or whatever else but I used just used regular pb because I love it and I am adult and can do whatever I want!

I dropped in the peanut butter and blended for another 30 seconds or so until it was all blended together. Finally, I scooped it into a glass ramekin and stuck it in the freezer to set up just a tad longer.

For the second mix I had my trusty frozen bananas and then I added some chocolate coconut flavor topping. Mmmmm can we say HOLY DELICIOUSNESS! This combination was fantastic. I then followed the same steps as above and then I waited. And waited. And waited.

Once out of the freezer I let it sit out for a minute and then added some chopped walnuts to each dish. I thought it would add a great texture. And maybe that’s all I had on hand.
Obviously you can add any ingredients that your heart desires.

We are going to go watch the last episode of Parenthood and cry over it with our wonderful (relatively) healthy dessert!




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