Feeding a family of 4 plus 20 more!

My family and I have been traveling every weekend for the last month and a few weekends back we went and stayed with some of my husbands family. It was loud, chaotic, stressful and of course, fun! When we stay with his sister I always wanna pitch in somehow so I volunteered to make breakfast for EVERYONE! This is my go to recipe because it is so easy to put together, feeds a village, and it’s always a hit. If you want to get extra brownie points you can always have some fresh squeezed orange juice and some fruit to serve on the side, but who am I kidding, I didn’t do that. I have more of a “take it or leave it” policy. 


               Doesn’t that ^ look delicious?! 


I made 2 batches and I got about 12 servings from each 9×13 pan. 

Another great thing about THIS RECIPE you can add or take out any ingredients you and your family love/hate. Next time I think I will add onions and maybe a spicier sausage to give it a bit of a kick. 

Try it! You won’t be disappointed. None of the 14 people who ate this that morning were, unless of course- they lied. 

Lucky 7


This low quality photo was taken in an airport a couple months ago. But I love it. I think my husband just looks so cute in it. Today is our wedding anniversary. We are celebrating 7 years of marriage and it’s only getting better for us. He is my biggest support and I’m his biggest fan. We are best friends and that’s what every marriage should have. I’m the luckiest. 


Today is also Mother’s Day! I feel so beyond blessed to call these kids mine. They spoiled me with compliments and card and kisses and they have been doing the sweetest things all day. This weekend I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with love and content. I have a pretty wonderful life. 

Stopping to smell the roses… er manure 

Things have been really busy lately. My husband is out of town on business for a week and I’ve been trying to be a nice and patient mom 😉 Before my husband left he told our son he was the man of the house. Unfortunately for me, he took that as “you’re the boss and don’t have to listen to mom” it’s been fun arguing with a 3 year old about who can tell who what to do. 

I have a lot to clean and many errands to run in the next couple days but I said TO HELL WITH IT, not to my kids of course, because that would be bad, right?! And we decided to go on an adventure instead!


I was told about the Tilden Regional Park just last night and knew my kids would love it. There is so much to do here, hiking, fishing, camping etc but I wanted them to see the Little Farm. You bring your own celery and lettuce and the admission is free. Feed all the animals all you want, what more could a kid want? Well my son wanted to ride the sheep, but he’s always just trying to find ways to take things one step further. 


Cute map of all the animals, a butterfly garden, and even an educational center. 


This cow was such a pig. He kept hogging all the food from all the other cows. Did you get my joke? 


He’s usually pretty brave, this gave him a run for his money.

These goats were pretty aggressive but my daughter loved feeding them the most. I just loved all their pretty coats. Okay that was not supposed to rhyme. 


Some other animals on the farm were pigs, geese, chickens, and rabbits.  


This girl was just born a couple months ago. Isn’t she the cutest? 

 This cow was so sweet with the kids. They loved getting to pet the animals and be so hands on. 


Here’s a dreamy moment for you. While we were sitting in the butterfly garden enjoying our picnic, two deer came walking up the creek (hard to see the water in this photo). They were enjoying a drink, got curious and started walking towards us, they got spooked and ran right past us. We were in awe. They were beautiful and totally in their natural habitat. Magic!


Something I learned today was that I really need to stop and take time for the the “moments” I can create with my family. I could have missed out on such a special day if I didn’t listen to my gut. So grateful for my babes. They force me to stop and smell the roses, quite literally, and I couldn’t be happier. 

And The Mom Of the Year Award Goes To…


Remember doing yarn dolls in school, or with your grandma as a kid? I can’t be the only one who thought these were easy and fun right? Well with that mentality I decided to introduce this craft to my daughter. She is 5. She is always wanting to do art projects and do anything that requires scissors or glue, so I thought this would be fun.

After doing all the work myself (she wasn’t about to wrap the yarn around a book 100 times). She said, and I quote “Let’s pretend I can’t count that high and you do it ok?” See the smarts I have to deal with? The result was what I expected…

…her reaction, WAS NOT! She hated it, she found it creepy and weird. She didn’t want to hold it for the pictures and then began to criticize all the things wrong with it and telling me what needed to be added to it before she would even consider keeping it.

So much for that. #momfail

Me Ooohh My it’s a Chocolate Pie!

Not too long ago I was asked to bring a dessert to a dinner and I find that to be a huge compliment. I’m starting to find that people trust me with the whole “baked goods” side of cooking. I love it so much.

I wanted to pick something rich and easy that was a no-bake recipe because we were going to be needing our ovens for practically everything else.

I found this recipe online. I was a little bummed there weren’t any pictures. I’m like a child. I need pictures to keep me interested and engaged. Nonetheless, this recipe did not disappoint. It’s for a Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Oreo Pie. Go ahead, start drooling. Don’t you wish you could just reach through screen and eat this? I do, because, mine is definitely gone now.

This crust is literally just crushed up Oreo cookies and melted butter. Um yah! I kinda just wanted to rest my head on this like a little chocolate pillow from heaven.

I was worried about making caramel again because of my last fiasco with it. This time though it went smoothly and the consistency was perfect. Slow clap for me for not messing it up.

Doesn’t this look so tasty? It was. It is. It was a huge hit and because it is so rich there was plenty to go around because a tiny sliver of a piece was plenty. And that crust?! Oh my goodness!


This photo isn’t the best but is the only chance I had to snap what the inside of the pie looked like before it was devoured. The caramel started oozing just slightly as the pie sat longer at room temperature. And if you ask me, that was a welcomed accident 🙂 try this recipe. It whips up in a flash and is basically a no fuss recipe. You’ll love it and be crowned the queen of the kitchen, at least for the night! Enjoy!

Again, HERE is where I found the recipe.

not to judge the cookies by its…icing?


The theme for this very small batch of sugar cookies was “Some of Her Favorite Things” for a friends birthday this weekend. I will say it is the least time and attention I have given the cookies and it totally bummed me out. If I’m going to take the time to make sugar cookies shouldn’t each one be given the attention to details it deserves? Yes, I’m talking about food ha ha. Be that as it may, I did like the color palette of these. And those “hairy” things in the middle? Those are supposed to be her little Yorkshire Terriers 😬 Oh well, they still taste great. Happy birthday to my friend! 

Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake with Salted Caramel Buttercream Frosting and Chocolate Ganache

When my mom was in town a couple weeks ago we wanted to celebrate her 50th birthday while she was here and all she asked for was a chocolate mayonnaise cake. Well, that, and to eat at an authentic British pub (she’s London obsessed, don’t ask).

I knew exactly where I wanted to go to get the perfect recipe. My favorite blogger and one I have been following the longest is Mara from M loves M.

Years ago Mara posted a delicious looking chocolate mayonnaise cake and I knew I had to try it.

  Here is a trick I love, putting bread on top of the cake while it cools keeps the cake from drying out. You’re welcome.

    I dusted my cake pans with flour for the first two and this is how they turned out.

  Notice how on this third cake it is a dark rich chocolate brown color? I decided to dust the cake pan with cocoa powder instead and boy was it a great choice. I just wish I would have thought of it earlier. It looks so much more esthetically pleasing (yes, I care about that) and it added a great flavor to the already tasty cake.

  I added the buttercream for the crumb coat.

    This frosting was a joke to work with. I tried making two recipes I found into one. One thing I learned (the hard way) was that making homemade caramel sauce in a new climate is no easy task. Basically I failed miserably and threw a little bit of this and that into the frosting until it tasted acceptable.

  Even the color of this frosting is unknown to me haha.

           I added an easy chocolate ganache on top with a sprinkle of sea salt.

This cake, even with my bizarre attempt of a salted caramel frosting, ended up being rich, very moist and very delicious. It got rave reviews.

I am sorry I don’t have a recipe for the frosting but once again here is the cake recipe.

Try it out and let me know what you thought!


Oven Baked Carrots

Are you needing a side dish or vegetable dish for this coming Easter dinner? Well I have a fool proof recipe anyone can make that tastes delicious and really fancy! 

I’m going to make this recipe sound impossibly easy, because, it is. 

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees

Take about 6-8 carrots (depending on size) and give them a good rinse. Don’t worry about peeling them as long as they’re clean, you’re fine. Cut them in relatively equal lengths for even baking. Toss them in olive oil until they are all lightly coated and spread on a baking sheet. Give a generous shaking of spices of choice. I chose cracked black pepper, coarse sea salt, some garlic powder and dried thyme. Easy as that. 

Bake at 400 degrees for about 40-45 minutes. Check at 35 minutes in case your oven runs hot. 

 Serve immediately. Serves approx. 4 


it’s a party, a cookie party

Sugar cookies are taking over and I don’t mind one bit!

Lately I have been filling my evenings with binge watching Netflix shows (Friends and Gilmore Girls, what more could I need) and more importantly making dozens upon dozens of sugar cookies. Baby shower, work parties and even a movie premier are the inspiration behind these 4 pictured above. It has been a lot of fun and most definitely a new found hobby. I love offering cookies as gifts, who doesn’t love cookies?

I bought the sugar cookie tutorial from the incredible and wonderfully hilarious Alison Faulkner over at The Alison Show 

If you wanna be an amateur cookie artist like myself, I highly suggest heading over to her cookie party and buying the super entertaining and helpful course HERE. 4 months ago I couldn’t even consider using royal icing, and now it’s my favorite.

family makes my heart go BOOM

I had some of my family in town for over a week! It was exhausting but so fun! They stayed with us in our 798 sq ft apartment. We miss them already but we’re a little excited to be sleeping in our own bed. 

Oakland Zoo


Mothers and daughters seeing the new Cinderella. Highly recommend its genuine and beautifully done.

 Marianne’s Ice Cream in Santa Cruz (try all the flavors you want, but get the 10/20, it’s life changing).

 Did you know that the Redwoods is a nickname for the Sequoia tree? Oh that’s common knowledge? Well, I learned something that day we went to the Muirwoods. It was such a peaceful place.

Santa Cruz- Twin Lakes State Beach and Walton Lighthouse

 I hope they come again soon! There is so much to explore and not enough time or energy (and let’s be honest, money) to do it all in one trip.